eCATT - Integration script to create a sales order as well as delivery


Step 7: Save the script. Now observe that here is Exporting Parameters also there. Double click that Exporting. 

It shows Sales Order number will be exported from Sales Order script. 

Here we can have a brief look at how to capture Sales Order number and export that from “Sales Order” script. 

If we can observe the sales recording in one screen we will get a message like “Sales Order <xxxx> created” like that. That will be recorded in script as message, like below 


Use the commend MESSAGE—ENDMESSAGE to capture the messages occurred during the execution. Below is the code to capture the same. 


Here E_VEBLN is a parameter of type ‘E’. 

Step 8: Now come to the integration script again. 

We have to take the exported sales order number into our integration script and use the same as a parameter to delivery Script. 

So create a variable V_VBELN type V. 


And specify the variable name in Exporting parameter of Sales Order script interface as shown below. 


With the above step we are completed with integrating “Sales Order” script in our main script. 

Step 9: Now we will integrate “Delivery” script. 

Now place the cursor in the next line of REF and click pattern button again. 

This time give the Delivery test script name. 


Press enter 

Our script will look like this now. 


Step 10: Double click on the YSD_CREATE_DELIVERY_TS_1 (Interface). 

Here is the importing parameters list. 


We are already having Sales order number in a variable called V_VBELN. SO give the same there. For shipping point create one import parameter. 

Also for exporting delivery, create one more variable V_DELIVERY. 



Save the script. Now we are done with the integration.  

Step 11: Now we will see some data validations etc... 

We can through an error and stop script execution if any of the Mandatory parameters are not specified. 

For that we can write code like this. 


Step 12: One more validation is, if Sales Order is created successfully then only we should call Delivery script. Otherwise we can skip that step. 

For that we can write logic as below. 


Save the script and come out. 

With this we are done with the creation of Integration script. Now we have to create test data as well as Test Configuration. 

For that we can follow the same steps as shown in the previous tutorials.


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