Creating a simple eCATT Test Script for MM02 transaction


Recording the Transaction

Starting the Recorder

n the test script editor, choose the Pattern function to display the Insert Statement dialog. 

In the dialog, change the group to UI Control, choose SAPGUI (Record) for the command. 

Specify the transaction MM02 that you want to record. Additionally, select the check box that will automatically generate a new SAPGUI command after every screen change ( You must first deselect manual generation). 

Choose Start Recording or Enter 

Click on “Yes”. 

A new session is automatically created. You can, and should, switch back and forward between the two sessions using the taskbar as shown below.  

Enter the Material       

Select the Basic Data1 

Basic Data1 Screen as shown. 

Change the “Gross Weight”

Save and Close the screen 

Ending the Recording 

Select the Close Recorded GUIs check box and then choose Stop Recording.

The recorded session closes and you now see the SAPGUI commands in the command editor of the test script editor. 

Above the command editor is the parameter list. You can use the button at the top left of this section to toggle between the display of normal parameters and the command interfaces. 


 Choose Save

Executing Your Test Script 

In the test script editor, choose “Execute” button. 


Choose “Execute” Button in the Start Options screen. Check the log. 


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