Introduction to SAP eCATT run by SECATT


Step: 2 – Create Test Configuration.

In this step we attach the “Test script” we created in the previous step. Name a suitable text for test configuration and press create “

In the subsequent screen give the maintain the title and component and click on configuration tab.

Maintain the Test Script which was created in Step -1 in the test script sub screen and click on to  down lad the data to the screen, as shown below.

Save the data in to respective package and transport request. System will prompt you a message to default the test Script file location for access.

Select Always allow and save the path file and access by clicking on “OK”

Click “Yes” for Resolve Reference to Test data Container for saving the test configuration step

Save under respective Package & Transport request. You get the below message.

Transfer of the data from test script to Configuration can be viewed in the Variant tab – seen below.

Always select the external path option to re-use the reference file for data loading.


Upload data file should be always in “Text Delimited or in Notepad”.

Always remove the field values in front of - *ECATTDEFAULT

Subsequent variable should have a description to run the script.

Sample document will look like below…

Step: 3- Execute and load CATT script data.

Once Test Script is complete and attached to “Test configuration”, we can execute the script file.


Select the path and file in the subsequent screen from variant tab.

System will again prompt for access, select “Always Allow” and continue with below screen.

Successful execution of the script will displays the below message.


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