Create Test script to create a Sales Order


Step 10: Press SAVE button. 


The below message will come on status bar.


So with this we are done with our recording. Now come out of the screens by using Cancel button.


Now press End Recording in the below screen. 


Step 11: Now we can the recorded screens list in SECATT as shown below. 

The below button will toggle us between parameter interface and command interface. Click the button to see both interfaces. 


Step 12: Double click on the screen as shown below.

Now by expanding the links in the screen we can be able to see the data parameters we have entered while recording. 


Now we will replace the values using parameters as shown below. 

Expand the node and double click the element highlighted in the below screen.


The below screen will come.

Replace the value ‘ZCR’ with I_AUART parameter name. 


Change the value to parameter for all the fields in all screens. If we want the value to hard coded as it is as in recording then leave the value. 

Step 13: Now create parameters. 


Press Enter. That will create Import Parameter I_AUART. Create all parameters like this. 

And save the script. 


Check the script to see if there are any errors.


Save the script and come out of the script. 

With this we are done with the Creation of the Test Script. Now in order to test the script we have to create Test Data container as well as Test Configuration

Note: While recording the script make sure that all the fields you want to record, you should place the cursor in the field and enter data or change the default data (re-enter the same default data). Then only it will record. Don’t repeat entering data. It will record the data twice. First prepare test data and then record it carefully to avoid redundancy.

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