Assign Standard Texts to the transport request

By Jayshree Santosh Mahajan, Cognizant Technology Solutions


When we create\modify the standard text using the transaction code SO10, it does not ask for the transport request unlike other objects. We need to assign the standard texts to the transport request so that they will be migrated to the other systems along with other objects.

Let’s see the steps to achieve this, using standard report RSTXTRAN.


1.     Execute the report RSTXTRAN

2.     Pass the Name of correction (task number and not the request number) and TEXT Key- name as below (we can pass multiple standard texts as well or we can specify key name pattern like ZTEST_*).

3.     Execute the report and the screen would look like,

4.     Press enter and you will see the below screen.

5.     Now press “Trsfr texts to corr.” Button as shown below.

6.     Confirmation popup will appear as below.

7.     Once you confirm you will see the below message.

Output:  As you can see below the standard text is attached to the transport request.

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