SAP® Business Workflow

Tutorials ("How-to-do" documents): 

  • Building a simple Workflow application using the steps "User Decision" and "Mail". (More details)
  • Including Custom text in the step "User Decision". (More details)
  • Creating a container element and using it in the step "Mail". (More details)
  • Inserting data from Internal Table into the step “Send Mail” (More details)
  • Using "Condition" step (more details)
  • Using "Multiple Condition" step (more details)
  • Using "Container Operation" step (more details)
  • Demo on working with step "Loop (Until)" (More details
  • Using the step "Form" in Workflow (Simple example) (More details)
  • Using the step "Form" (Detailed example) (More details)
  • Triggering Events Programmatically (more details
  • Understanding “Advance with dialog” option of SAP Workflow (More details) NEW
  • Deadline Monitoring - Working with Latest end (more details)
  • Deadline Monitoring - Working with Requested Start (more details)
  • Dynamic Parallel Processing in Workflow (More details)
  • Personal Substitute for Workflow (More details)
  • Adoption of a Substitute (More details)  
  • Notification of Work Items to an external email (More details)
  • Filtering the Work Items in the SAP Inbox (More details
  • Adding Logo to the Work item preview (More details)  
  • Tracing the events triggered during the execution of a transaction (More details)  
  • Sending recursive mails upon reaching the deadline until the task is completed (More details
  • Ad Hoc agent assignment in Workflow (More details)  
  • Trigger a workflow to send an email whenever a material is created (More details
  • Defining custom rules to use in Workflow definition (More details)  
  • Maintaining Translations for the Work item text and Outcome Names (More details)  
  • Raising exceptions in a method and handling the same in the workflow (More details)  
  • ALE - Error handling through Workflow (More details
  • Using ABAP Classes in Workflow (More details
  • Using Document Template in Workflow (More details)  
  • Demo on Workflow Wizard (More details)  
  • Steps to transport agent assignment from one system to another (More details)
  • Creating rules using Responsibilities (More details
  • Using the "Start Conditions" in Workflow (More details
  • Using "Check Function Module" in Workflow (More details)
  • Retrieving the Work item details of the deleted users (More details)
  • Transporting Organization structure from one system to another (More details)
  • Configuring events for HR Workflow (More details)
  • Starting Workflow from Messages (More details)
  • Triggering Workflow using Business Transaction Events (More details
  • Triggering of an event using Function Module Enhancement (More details)
  • Passing a hyperlink in a Work item (More details)
  • Working with Business Objects (More details)
  • To instantiate any Business object in a Workflow (More details)
  • Raising events based on changed document (More details)
  • Extended notification configuration (More details)
  • Debugging SAP events (More details)
  • Sending workflow notification to Requestor in HTML format (More details)
  • Registering WEB DYNPRO/BSP Application with a Workflow Work item (More details)
  • Working with Dynamic Task Submission in Workflow (More details)
  • Archiving SAP Work items (More details)
  • Delegate a Subtype to Supertype (More details)
  • Demo on Workflow using Classes (More details)
  • Sending multiple attachment in user decision step of workflow (More details)
  • Demo on working with “Nested / SubWorkflows” (More details)
  • Call instance method from workflow using class (More details
  • Display Dynamic Attachments in Work Item in Workflow (More details)
  • Modify the run-time value of workflow containers (More details)
  • Capture Rejection Reason Text from User Decision in Workflow (More details)
  • Process a User Decision Programmatically at Background (More details)
  • Forward a work item to your own currently logged in SAP ID (More details)
  • Simplified Business Workplace – Workflow Inbox in SAP R/3 (More details)
  • Program Exits in Work Item for Workflow (More details)
  • Consistency and Extended Checks for Workflow Template and Tasks (More details) NEW
  • How to Trigger Class based workflow? (More details) NEW
  • Offline Workflow Approval in ECC R/3 without SAP Logon from E-Mail (Outlook) (More details) NEW
  • Passing multi-line parameters from an ABAP Class event to a Workflow container (More details) NEW
  • Concept of Re-evaluate agents for active work items in SAP Workflow (More details) NEW

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Workflow Scenarios configuration:

  • Determine of release code of PO and PR (More details)
  • Purchase Order Release Strategy (More details)  
  • Purchase Requisition Release Strategy (More details)
  • PO List Retrieval for which Workflow isn't triggered due to Event Linkage deactivation (More details
  • Triggering of events/Workflow upon status changes (More details)
  • Quality Notification Configuration (More details)
  • Triggering a Workflow whenever a PO is changed (More details)
  • Configuration of Leave request workflow for ESS/MSS (More details)
  • Display Workflow overview of one object (Purchase Order) in another (Purchase Requisition) (More details)
  • Trigger workflow when a record is created in a database table (More details)
  • Triggering approval workflows only for Purchase Orders belonging to a particular purchasing group (using startup conditions) (More details) NEW
  • SAP Workflow Scenario: Service Notification Approval (More details) NEW

Advanced Features in SAP® Workflow from version 6.40

General information on Workflow

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